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Let’s imagine the worst
to create the best

The UX Devil

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A fun ideation method

Imagine the worst possible
user experience order to come up with alternative and securing conception ideas. We created this method within the Akiani agency because to the best of our knowledge there were until now no UX design methods to generate securing functionalities.

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A fun approach

A deck of cards to support
the ideation

Deteriorating user experience is a fun and classic method used by creators. Based on this idea, we meticulously designed a deck of cards used to stimulate creativity.


Collaborative ideation

Think the other way around

The « evil » nature of this method makes the discussions more playful and releases the group’s creativity: characteristics are inherent to the « evil » functionalities imagined by the group.


Functionality Securing

To identify your service’s « unmissables »

There are many methods to find innovating and disruptive ideas, but few focus on the absolutely essential elements you have to offer to your users.


Group and individual

An approach that favors completeness

If the method uses the collaboration to its fullest, the various cards enable individual work on securing functionalities.

Participative workshops

3 cards from the game, with the character Egocentric and Sluggish as an example.
Stack of back cards and a Manipulator character.

The recipe


Table with post-it, a cup, a timer and game cards. The hands of a person are seen holding a card.


Approx. 10min

Participants draft as many functionalities degrading the user experience as they see fit, using the « UX Devil » cards (one functionality per card).

These functionalities must lead to the worst user experience imaginable.


User reading the Thief character card


Approx. 10min

Participants turn over an « Evil Guys » card for inspiration and continue the brainstorming. In turn, the « Evil Guys » cards are turned over and new functionalities degrading the user experience are then drafted on the « UX Devil » cards.

This phase is designed to encourage the group to imagine even more functionalities. The cards ensure that the participants have imagined numerous possibilities to degrade the experience.


Someone writes on an Angel card


Approx. 10min

For each functionality degrading the user experience written on the « UX Devil » cards, participants need to imagine one (or more) opposite functionality(ies) to ensure a pleasant user experience.

These functionalities are written on the « UX Angel » cards associated to the « UX Devil » cards.


Two users around a card


Approx. 10min

One last phase of sharing enables each group to discuss the various functionalities that emerged. This is also the time to prioritize these functionalities.

Prioritisation can also be discussed using new methods such as assessment by vote or stickers, budget assessment or using the Kano model.

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